Liberals Just Hit Obama With Very Bad News About His Presidential Library, Saves Taxpayers Millions

Barack Obama has attempted to keep up some level of importance since his takeoff from the White House. Other than hardcore liberals, it’s far-fetched anybody truly minds. What’s more, at any rate, those on the left are so bustling exploding over what President Trump is doing that they don’t have much time for yesterday’s leader.

Neglecting to look after importance, he may have trusted that his legacy would persevere. He’s in a tight spot there, as well.

President Trump has pursued the Obama legacy with all the nuance of a train wreck. One year into the Trump administration, and it’s elusive much that Mr. Obama made that is still in one piece.

In any event, he can enthuse over plans for his presidential library. These are those generally superfluous, government-funded dedications to past administrations.

Mr. Obama wants his in Chicago. Sufficiently reasonable, yet even this fairly trivial undertaking has to keep running into a block. What’s more, not from conservatives.

Things being what they are a liberal group is miserable with Mr. Obama’s selection of areas for the Obama Center, calling it “socially regressive.” Ouch.

Former president Obama is finalizing plans for his Obama Presidential Center, which will be built in Chicago, Illinois and will be within a stone’s throw of the University of Chicago. The design includes three buildings: a museum, library and forum.

The library’s design and location has been a source of controversy itself within the Chicago community. In a recent letter, over 100 members of the University of Chicago faculty and dozens of community groups strongly condemn Obama’s plan.

Why? Because, according to the professors, the Obama Presidential Center wastes millions of taxpayer dollars in an already broke state, destroys a public park and is ‘socially regressive’ to the affluent community.

Is there an all the more stinging affront that can be heaved at a liberal than being called “socially regressive?” And take note of this is no little development. As simply announced, the judgment originates from a hundred college educators and in addition many community groups.

Here is an outline of their complaints:

  • Obama Presidential Center leaves no room to bring economic development.
  • The Obama Center destroys a historic park.
  • Obama Presidential Center is “socially regressive.”
  • The Obama Center wastes taxpayer money.

That last one is straightforward at one level, however somewhat bewildering at another. We understand that this entire task is a waste of public funds. We were simply not mindful that there were any open finances left in Chicago to squander.

What’s to be said now? A bunch of liberals who are out of government cash is fighting over what to do about a futile “center” that is to concentrate on the non-existent achievements of an administration that does not have a legacy.

It’s an ideal opportunity to get inventive and take care of this issue for poor Barack.

We’ve heard that the Chinese are quite great at building artificial islands. Maybe they could be urged to encouraged one out in Lake Michigan in perspective of Chicago. Similar to Alcatraz is in perspective of San Francisco.

Maybe Bill and Hillary could then be coaxed into forking over a couple of billion from the Clinton Foundation to help construct the thing. This, maybe, as a byproduct of a film theater at the mind-boggling that would run recordings of Clinton addresses and their appearances previously Congress and investigators all day, every day. Like an endless fire. All things considered, kind of.

Simply don’t put a visit to this fiasco, wherever it winds up, on our container rundown of activities.

H/T American Conservative Herald, Daily Caller