Paul Ryan Was Ready To Betray America But President Trump Just Stop Him, Throws Water On Democrats Dumpster Fire Plans – You’ll Cheer

As President Trump accomplishes win after win for the nation, Congress is failing. Americans ask why the GOP is having so much inconvenience, considering they have the larger part. However over and over, Republicans neglect to work with the President. They kowtow to liberals, who have no reason to help. Democrats need Trump to fizzle. Their whole motivation is to upset his plans, regardless of whether that implies harming the nation.

It nearly looked like Paul Ryan would push an expensive measure into the dubious spending charge that would have given the Democrats a major gigantic win. In any case, that is not going to happen, because of Trump.

Via New York Times:

President Trump blew up Republican strategies to keep the government open past Friday when on Thursday morning he said a long-term extension of the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program should not be part of a stopgap spending bill pending before the House.

 With a possible government shutdown looming this weekend, the House had planned to vote late Thursday on a stopgap spending bill that would keep government funding flowing to Feb. 16 as delicate negotiations continue to protect young, undocumented immigrants brought illegally as children from deportation.Republican leaders have spent the week pressuring Democrats to vote for the spending bill, arguing that opposing it would effectively block a six-year extension of the children’s health program, attached to the spending bill as a sweetener for lawmakers in both parties…

Even if the House manages to pass the bill, the Senate would still need to give its approval in order to avert a shutdown early Saturday morning, and at least nine Democrats are needed to overcome an expected filibuster.

This government shut down will be the left’s blame. Regardless of how the liberals turn it, they are the ones to blame. They have won’t, on numerous occasions, to work with Trump and the Republicans.

Democrats are acting like spoiled youngsters. They are demonstrating they couldn’t care less about you or me. Or on the other hand whatever is left of the nation. They’d love to see everything consume, just to disappoint the President.

The inquiry is: would we say we will give them a chance to escape with it? These individuals are in office, simply because we voted in favor of them. In the up and coming mid-term elections, we have an opportunity to eject them from office.

We better, or else we will see a similar sort of corruption flourishing in D.C. for a considerable length of time to come.

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H/T Patriot Journal